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The Best Hotel Beds?

Why are Latex Beds the Best Buy for Hotels?

Latex beds bring the luxury of an incredible sleeping experience. You may find an exclusive range of related articles on the market, and find it hard to make a decision or be confused about what natural latex beds are and why you should you replace your old mattress with one. The main reason and the most important is that by using a premium latex bed, you benefit from its inherent qualities and orthopedic features. For the hospitality industry another big advantage is the incredible warranty most latex mattresses companies offer even for commercial use. A premium latex mattress has a lifetime of over 10 years even in commercial use.

Five Features and As Many Reasons to Buy a Latex Bed

What you probably do not know about natural latex beds is that:

  • Thanks to their natural elastic properties, they relieve pressure on lots of key points situated on your body. You will enjoy support under your thighs and lower back, while other parts like your hips and shoulders will mold gently into the mattress. The effect of this will be a natural spinal alignment, which will allow you to feel revived and rejuvenated when you wake up.
  • You will not disturb your partner anymore, because of the independent support that this mattress offers to each sleeper. It will absorb the impact of any move you make, so your partner will never feel you tossing or turning.
  • Latex beds are hypo-allergenic, which means that they will naturally inhibit bacteria and fungi growth. They are also resistant to dust mites, so you will be able to sleep healthily and comfortably.
  • These mattresses are made to breathe and let you feel your bed always fresh, thanks to their excellent ventilation.
  • You will never need to flip your mattress.

What Makes Latex Beds the Best for Hotels?

Double bed in the hotel room

Double bed in the hotel room

Pure natural latex is made from the milky juice tapped from the Rubber Trees. This product is one of the most beneficial known to man. The indigenous milky juice is transformed into a honeycombed, soft material, with micro-cellular structure and unique properties that give it exceptional durability and comfort at the same time.

Natural latex has anti-bacterial properties like no other bedding material. It has excellent breathing properties that prevent moisture from building up, and you probably know that moisture is the major cause for dust mite infestations and bacterial growth.

This material has hypo-allergenic qualities that recommend it as a perfect solution for people with chemical sensitivity or health problems, such as respiratory conditions, eczema, asthma, hay fever and allergies. The double-washing process that natural latex is submitted to makes it contaminant-free at the highest level possible.

As natural latex breathes better, it will also respond better to your body temperature. You will always feel it fresh and cool, and this will provide you with an increased level of comfort.

Your latex bed is also tested for durability and resilience of latex. The tests usually simulate normal use over ten years, which means about 60,000 cycles. The score is above 90 out of 100, which shows an excellent quality and long-life expectancy. You can be sure that your mattress will never compress, sag or lose its firmness and resilience.

All these qualities make your choice easier than never: latex beds are the solution for you and guests to sleep like babies.