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The History of Personalization in the US Gift Marketplace

The customized gift market place is largely a North American trend. Its sources may be followed back to our early United states history when silversmiths applied their talents by engraving family members names or initials on one-of-a-kind silver trays, and fashion jewelry.

Exactly what kinds of customized items are customers buying? Practically anything can be personalized, so the options are numerous. Some examples are Tankard, Bowl, Baseball cap, smart phone jackets and handbags. Photos can also be turned into Puzzles at

As the region continued to spread out westward, weapon and saddle makers personalized their products every now and then. Wood professionals made use of their talents by developing lockers that were uniquely decorated with household crests or names.

The early customized items constantly were manufactured to order. They were only offered to people who could afford them. During that time, it was just a tiny percentage of individuals who had the money to spend for them. Not much changed up until the around 1959 when automation brought the “pre-manufactured” personalized gifts to middle America.

Suddenly, every regional side street pharmacy offered exhibit of low-cost pencils, key chains and bracelets offering names like Patricia, Simon, Dick, Laura, Rebecca and Robert.

You can still find today numerous of these cheap gifts out there these days, the customized products market has grown and changed over the past forty five years. Probably the greatest development that has pushed the niche forward has been developments in equipment.

Decrease costs for machinery indicates that it’s now possible to have customization tools in decentralized places as opposed to one major manufacturing plant. Additionally, individualized gifts that previously would take weeks to make can now be put together in a matter of days or even hours. Gifts that previously had a long buying lead time, are now practically impulse gets for today’s busy buyer.

Computer technology also has made literally 1000 of personalized gift options in a range of pricing ranges available to the buyer.


Who Typical Offers Personalized Items and Gifts in the US Market?

Exactly what sort of business sell personalized gifts? Major magazines, many ecommerce sites including some of the biggest such as, high end outlet store, specialty stores, basic dry-goods retail stores, drug store chains and thousands of little entrepreneurs.

Simply pick up a catalog and you will find robes for grownups and children,great crystal, quilts, memento gifts for newborns, costly gifts to mark a graduation, wedding event or anniversary, a range of clothes and even furnishings. Check out a local retail store and you will find stationery, fashion jewelry, wall art, T-shirts, mugs and dinnerware, glasses, image frames and much more.

Why are these gifts so appealing for numerous sellers? Any retailer will concur that an individualized gift indicates a bit more effort up-front, but in the long run less returns. Plus, these products often lug a greater price point– and therefore profits– making these gifts really appealing.

Americans Love with Personalized Gifts

While you may find some personalized gift items in other nations, you will not see the very same wide range of products that are discovered in North America. Why has the personalized gift market place flourished here in the house?


It’s actually pretty simple according to those who study customers. Americans old and young alike, love to see their names on a product because it makes them feel unique and special.

And, American customers are constantly searching for products with a slightly various spin, and this, too, is accomplished by acquiring a customized item. Market watchers concur that the personalized gift market is here to stay and will continue steady growth as more products are introduced in response to buyer demand.